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my virtualbox experience (jnode 0.2.7)

i'm not sure if anyone reads this but here is th report of my rather sad experience with jnode 0.2.7 inside virtualbox 2.04 (on top of xp-sp2. CPU AMD X2 4850e, 2.5GHz).

with VT enabled jnode freezes after "enable paging".

without VT booting is possible and takes almost endless time (more than 6 minutes). with the same settings windows xp boots in 15s.

acpi crashes:
Cannot start acpi
java.lang.NullPointerException: NPE at address 0E6C6F7A
at or.jnode.driver.system.acpi.AcpiDriver.startDevice(AcpiDriver.java:98)

dhcp crashes when I tried to start it:
Cannot configure device eth-pci(0,3,0)
at org.jnode.net.ipv4.config.impl.NetDhcpConfig.doApply(NetDhcpConfig.java:44)

both errors messages are not significant in any way.

may things work slow, ivoking a command the first time etc.

running the "gc" command takes 30s.

the CPU consumption (of virtual box) is always 100%!

there is no way to find out who consumes the CPU.

i have tested alot of esoteric operating systems but many of them are "highly functional" compared to this.

almost any step gave me a "minefield" feeling.

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