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We always with JNODE..........................

Today i think is a new morning for JNODE's history....

"GOOGLE has not accepted us in GOOGLE SoC."

I think, this will make us more challenging,more concentration for the development of the JNODE in the future.
Because,it is true the UNIX,LINUX,SOLARIS,BeOS and the more others platforms are developing many more years than the JNODE.

There are many developers; they working really hard,impressive,innovativly for their favorite platform.And,
hence it is believable that why they have accepted.

About speaking us,JNODE is really child at now.Its need more and more enhancement to move the Jnode in their level.But, it all we should believe that, all world is moving now with 'C'; but we are moving with a new Applliance of the OO Technology.We want to move it to a new Generation technique with the OO Concept.So, within some moment this will be more different than others.I believe it!!!

We need a STANDARD Identifiers for HWs.


To identify different Hardwares we need soon STANDARD IDENTIFIERS for to handle them finitely.....

I want to mean to the /dev/fd0 , /dev/hd1 etc as in LINUX....

Am i right??
Give your opinion frankly.......

if any BeOS user is here??

If anyone is using BeOS please contact on IRC at night.
I need to share some informations about the BFS on the BeOS.
Please...i need help....

About keyboard Input


In the path org.jnode.driver.input.l10n..

The keyboard's properties definition, the class names are as


Pls say me the what is the meaning of the BE_fr or
_SE ...what it is explaining???

How to get the architectural details.?

To spread the Jnode's functionaliies through out the different architectures we need to know different Haardware's functionaloties........
So pls all give us the resources from where we can get informations on diferent hardwares....

For example,we need first the Instructions Sets and their Corresponding HEX codes for ARM chip,, PPC, etc...

Pls give me the resources or URL where i can get the required informations...

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