I am at the RMLL 2009

i am at the LSM 2009 (LSM stands for Libre Software Meeting), at Nantes, France.
If you want to meet me (I am an active member of jnode since many years), simply reply here or send me an email through jnode's web contact form ( i can't access my mail here send it at fabien dot duminy at gmail dot com instead).

Anyway, i will post some news on my own blog

JNode team is going to FOSDEM (brussels, belgium)

Tomorrow, I am going to FOSDEM in belgium and I will meet 3 other members of the team Smiling
You can meet us at the ULB (Universite Libre de Bruxelles), especially at our presentation on sunday afternoon.

Loading stage2 .......

I dual boot Ubuntu (on a 32 bit Intel iMac) and I needed to reinstall the other partition anyway so I thought I'd give Jnode a try first. I downloaded jnode-x86-0.2.7.iso and used Disk Utility to burn it to a CD. Restarted, selected the CD through rEFIt, and waited. And waited. And went out for a bike ride around the east perimeter of San Francisco, which was quite nice this first foggy afternoon of the year. Soma, Telegraph Hill, and Nob Hill passed by. Back at home, the same message is on my screen: Loading stage2 .......

Guess I'll get back to Linux.

Test server

I'm trying to set up a test server, as requested by lsantha.
It's an AMD Athlon64 3500+ single core, but with hardware virtualization. I put 2 GB RAM into it.
I am installing Ubuntu 8.10 Server AMD64 on it, and run JNode in a KVM virtual machine.

I am starting the virtual machine with
kvm -m 512 -std-vga -no-acpi -no-kvm-irqchip -hda jnode.img -boot d -net nic,model=rtl8139,macaddr=... -net tap -vnc myhostname:1 -cdrom jnode-x86-0.2.7.iso

I have network in JNode after manual configuration, and can access a (virtual) harddrive as hda0. I can run the mauve test suite, thanks to lsantha's help.

I set up a web server on my public server to publish the test results. (Running an http server in my private network - including in JNode - is not an option, for the sake of my security.) The results from the manual run are uploaded, but they're not terribly useful yet, as it's still JNode 0.2.7.

(Read on what still needs to be done)

Running in Bochs (spanish) Corriendo en Bochs

Correr JNode en Bochs no parece funcionar fuera de la caja todavía. Falla la configuración del registro del CPU CR4 en modo de paginación de 4Mb.
Una configuracion de compilacion que habilita a las páginas de 4 MB se conoce para resolver este problema. Para habilitar esta configuración, ejecuta ./configure con la opción --enable-4meg-pages o añade # define BX_SUPPORT_4MEG_PAGES 1 a config.h.


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