Hello World!

OK, so I'm new here. Ni hao. (bows with fist in palm salute).

    I am mainly using this software to see how it works. I currently run Win Vista, but the performance just pisses me off. I am getting Puppy (Linux) on here in a few minutes, and after toying around with the partitioning software, I should be able to get JNode up and running.

    I am a filmmaker and a writer, and I program in Java and Perl. So I know what in Sam's hill I happen to be doing. Don't take my comment of 'toying around with the partitioning software' as evidence of my non prosumership, because I know how to partition computer. Or, I think?



I'm online at last ...

... now for the long process of downloading / installing everything.

Still offline ...

... but I've just ordered a shiny new laptop. Broadband is proving complicated, but I hope it will be sorted out in a week or two.

I'm fed up with expensive internet cafes Sad.

I'm going home to Australia

I'll be off the air for a few weeks ... until I can get a laptop and get internet connection.

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