nice X Prize-style card models and a work+play environment for JNode any entrepreneur will most definitely love!

Hello all.

Today I created a working-condition card model of Armadillo Aerospace's Pixel moonlander vehicle. You can get the model for $ 1.50 at Lulu by going to the Rocket Cards storefront and buying the model for yourself.

If you do not want to dish out cash, however, there is another way. Back here on JNode, show me around, tell me all about how this OS works, and show me how I can custom-skin my own version. This way I can do the other thing I am going to discuss, which is a work+play environment for JNode known as Aiki Entrepreneur Environment. It is for freelance writers, poets, puzzle makers, card model designers like myself, and small to medium sized business owners who wish to grow their fortunes and luck. I need a quick and comprehensive get-to-know-you with the software I will be using so I can make JNode popular.

If I feel you have done a excellent job or better, I will send you the download link to the card model and a few more so you can get them for free! How does that sound for a change? Do we got a deal?

I will be back later this week, to see if I have any takers on my proposal...

JSR80 model not fit on JNode.!!!

Hai, all

this PDF documents describes the problems of the JNode and JSR80's basic standard API model accompaniments in JNode.

The Docs is here : The PDF :

Welcome comments.

about the FileNotFoundException in cat command

when we use:
cat xxx > xxx
It seems that this command never go into the CatCommand class.
I'm now tracking this into the CommandLine class and CommandShell class.

make the first iso successfully

using the build.bat command.
and download the following tools:


everything works fine.
Now, I think I can do some little bug-fix things,haha

SPAM in JNode blogs

It is irritating, to say the least.

So why do they do it? Surely they don't think that JNode readers are stupid enough to follow the links do they?

My guess is that it is actually about boosting the ranking of pages in Google, etc search results. So why don't we put the blog entry pages into a separate tree and set up a robots.txt file to tell web crawlers not to index them? Or put 'meta' tags into the pages to do the same?

What do people think? Do we have any drupal experts?

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