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JNode CoreUpdate to newer version of 'charva'activenormaltask9 years 27 weeks
JNode CoreAt boot on Core 2 duo (mac intel), only onactivenormalbug report9 years 39 weeks
JNode Core'cp -i ...' unnecessarily write's the user's respoactiveminorbug report10 years 23 weeks
JNode CoreUsing record date, should mabye use File Mactivenormaltask9 years 39 weeks
JNode CoreJNODE FEATURES REQUEST (JFR) -1activenormalsupport request10 years 41 weekstango_java_06
JNode CoreMake the command error messages consistent and intactivenormaltask10 years 23 weeks
JNode CoreJIFS needs work to deal with isolate threadsactivenormalbug report10 years 23 weeks
JNode CoreThe JSR80 Implementationactiveminortask5 years 41 weekstango_java_06
JNode CoreJNode seems to fail drawing transparent PNactivenormalbug report9 years 30 weekshagar
JNode Coregnu.classpath.version property is incorrectactiveminorbug report9 years 22 weeks
JNode CoreCheck for synchronization problems in the keyboardactivenormaltask9 years 30 weeks
JNode CoreJNode on VMWare sometimes hangs while starting netactivenormalbug report10 years 27 weeks
JNode CoreTo see the USB devices connected to the JNactivenormalfeature request9 years 39 weeks
JNode Corei have a NVidia MX 4000 installed and jNodactivenormalbug report9 years 39 weeks
JNode CoreExperimental USB drivers on QEMUactivenormalfeature request10 years 17 weekstango_java_06
JNode FSSome ISO images show no contents at all.activecriticalbug report6 years 52 weeks
JNode FSJNode cannot open a File for appendingactivenormalbug report8 years 25 weeks
JNode FSPatch for FSTestSuite - now runable in Eclipse as patch (code needs review)normaltask8 years 47 weekslsantha
JNode FSRemove nfs dependency from org.jnode.fs.command plactivenormaltask8 years 47 weeks
JNode FSPotential for infinite recursion in Fat.getChainactivenormalbug report9 years 3 weeks
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