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ProjectSummarysort iconStatusPriorityCategoryLast updatedAssigned to
JNode CoreRunning JNode in Virtual PCactivenormalbug report9 years 6 weekshagar
JNode AllRunning tests in a dev't sandboxactivenormaltask8 years 43 weeksStephen Crawley
JNode ShellRunning the Bjorne shell as a commandactivenormaltask9 years 27 weeksStephen Crawley
JNode Coreruntime support for multiple version of the same lactivenormalfeature request8 years 51 weeks
JNode Distrorussian keyboard and fontsactivenormalfeature request9 years 27 weekshagar
JNode CoreSecurity and running commands.activenormaltask9 years 47 weeks
JNode CoreSetting the timezone / offets on JNode startupactivenormalbug report9 years 27 weeks
JNode CoreSign all plugins (their jar file), to avoiactivenormalfeature request9 years 39 weeks
JNode FSSome ISO images show no contents at all.activecriticalbug report6 years 52 weeks
JNode CoreStarted making a Synaptics TouchPad driveractivenormaltask9 years 39 weekshagar
JNode CoreStore plugin preferences on diskactivenormalbug report9 years 6 weeksadmin
JNode CoreSupport for antactivenormaltask9 years 6 weeksFabien D
JNode ShellSupport more complicated command syntaxesactivenormalfeature request8 years 46 weeks
JNode CoreSupport the "Substance" look&feelactivenormalfeature request9 years 26 weeks
JNode FSSuspicious code in jfat.Fat.getLast()activenormalbug report9 years 3 weeks
JNode CoreThe attached file (gzip-compressed to savepatch (code needs review)normalbug report9 years 39 weeks
JNode CoreThe JSR80 Implementationactiveminortask5 years 41 weekstango_java_06
JNode GUIThe quit/halt/reboot actions have stopped workingactivenormalbug report9 years 14 weeks
JNode CoreTo see the USB devices connected to the JNactivenormalfeature request9 years 39 weeks
JNode CoreTracking issue: integration of Jikes RVM with JNodactivenormaltask6 years 41 weeksStephen Crawley
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