Kawa 1.9.1

Kawa (scheme interpreter) from http://www.gnu.org/software/kawa/ works in Jnode. There are issues with the command line interpreter due to the backspace issue. As a workaround for the end of file issue, you can exit the scheme prompt with '#!eof'. Running files as arguments works without problems (use 'kawa -f filename').

Note that the output buffer may not get flushed after code execution. You can use the scheme (newline) command to force the display.

o Download the precompiled Kawa from ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/kawa/kawa-1.9.1.jar

o Place this .jar in the shell/lib/ folder of your Jnode source tree.

o Create the following descriptor:
org.gnu.kawa.xml: (pasted below)

o Add the necessary information into build.xml, and full-pluginlist.xml

o Build Jnode and boot it.

o Start the garbage collector with 'gc'

o Execute kawa with the command 'kawa'


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plugin SYSTEM "jnode.dtd">

<plugin id="org.gnu.kawa"
    name="Kawa classes"
    provider-name="GNU Kawa"

        <library name="kawa-1.9.1.jar">
            <export name="*"/>
    <extension point="org.jnode.shell.aliases">
      <alias name="kawa" class="kawa.repl"/>
  <extension point="org.jnode.security.permissions">
    <permission class="java.io.FilePermission" name="<<ALL FILES>>" actions="read,write"/>
      <permission class="java.util.PropertyPermission" name="*" actions="read,write"/>    
    <permission class="java.lang.RuntimePermission" name="createClassLoader" actions="*" />
    <permission class="java.lang.RuntimePermission" name="getProtectionDomain" actions="*" />
      <permission class="java.lang.RuntimePermission" name="exitVM" actions="*" />