Do we have full R/W support for at least 1 FS?

Do we have full R/W support for at least 1 FS? Shouldn't we add an anouncement on the main page that we are searching for somone to implement a driver for a modern OS and it should have R/W and format support?

Bug in FileSystemAPIImpl

The ramdisk with FAT16 seems to work quite well...Except, I would like to point out that there is a bug in FileSystemAPIImpl which prevents full FS support at the Java API level. The problem is with file operations on relative pathnames, i.e. code in FileSystemAPIImpl like myFile.getParentFile(). This will be null, causing an NPE, if myFile = new File("name.ext"); (because a relative filename has no parent).

Fix is to replace myFile.getParentFile() with myFile.getAbsoluteFile().getParentFile() in FileSystemAPIImpl.

I've given more details on the sourceforge patch tracker.


I'm working on the r/w support for ext2 and I hope to finish it soon. I'm not sure I can check it in before the planned release date of 0.1.6 though (maybe next week).

So you are doing a writable version too?

Hi, I also tryed to make write support for the NTFS driver but it is almoast impossible. The documentation is not good enaugh. even the linux driver is not working as it should. So I think I'll wait for ext2 driver to support write operation also. Maybe can help. I said I will do the CDFS driver but the ATAPI driver is not finished yet so I can't do anything about it now. What we also need is a format for ext2fs. Maybe I will start and implement the CDFS driver using iso files and when the ATAPI driver is finished maybe I can just integrate it. Any news from the ATAPI driver developer?