Removing an entry from an Ext2Directory

I'm having some problems with remove() on Ext2Directory.

1. It seems that checkEntriesLoaded() is not called inside AbstractFSDirectory. This means that if remove() is the first operation on an implementation of AbstractFSDirectory (such as Ext2Directory) then the remove() fails with a FileNotFoundException. This looks as if just adding checkEntriesLoaded() would fix the problem.

2. The removal of an entry doesn't seem to be flushing properly. The call to flush() in the remove() method in AbstractFSDirectory calls through to writeEntries() in Ext2Directory which does nothing and has the comment "nothing to do becaude createFileEntry and createDirectoryEntry do the job". It looks to me like there should be some code here to flush the removal, but it is a bit beyond my experience with JNode to write it.

I'd be interested to hear what anyone has to say on this.