Instruction to setup Intellij Idea4 JNode project

For lucky owners of Idea here some pointers how to setup and compile jnode project:

1) download source code and extract it into a folder lets say d:\jnode (or pull it from CVS: File>>Check Out from CVS)

To be able to copile within Idea and without using ANT, you'll need Jikes 1.19 version, from:

2)make additional JDK: settings >> Paths tab >> Library Tab >> click "..." button and add another JDK (just point to your existing JDK root). You'll get something like sun jdk 1_4_2(1) as jdk name. After that remove all jar files from the ClassPath and rename this JDK as DUMMY_JDK

3) Setup first module "core" module and compile it.

4) After compiling, go to compled classs directory and copy:
java, javax and gnu compiled files (folders) and copy them into lets say: c:\dummy_jdk directory.
Go to your DUMMY_JDK settings and add above folders to the classpath of DUMMY_JDK

5) add other modules in following order:


let them depend on each other in order you installed them, example:
shell depends on core,
fs depends on shell, core
gui depends on fs,shell,core etc.

6) compile all

Note, if you try to compile with javac (sun) compiler, it will complain about java.lang classes, I havent figured out how to solve this.
Anyway, you can alway use ANT to build everything, because further, Idea resolves all classes etc, it's just that compiling fails.

Hope this helps someone.

just tried to remove all classpaths from DUMY_JDK, and it compiles fine with jikes. So you can skip step 4), just make an dummy jdk entry to make Idea happy, without any classpaths in it.