Getting Quality Assurance

I'm trying to debug the VFS, but I keep running into bugs within JNode. I have unit tests that I execute with the Sun JVM 1.4.2, and they pass without any trouble. Although when I boot into JNode and run the tests they fail. I start to debug the tests, and it starts pointing me to failures in the Java API. In particular reflection and proper intialization of instances. I ended up writing tests for classes in the Java API, but it seems like classpath should provide us with some ready made tests to test our integration of classpath within JNode.

How is JNode tested? Is there any automated testing run against JNode regularly? Has anyone tried to execute the Mauve testsuite against JNode to see if it is compliant?


Please do

Hi, there are no regular testsets run right now, but I would love to see them (Mauve especially) executed often.