File system issues

I tried to access different filesystems with JNode on vmware 3.2 and Linux.
I made a complete disk available to JNode with many different partitions on it and here are my findings:

The exended partitions are not recognized.
The fat16 partitions are mounted and the root directory can bee seen with dir but whenever I cd in a subdirectory the next dir command shows nothing.
For some files cat works, for others I get an IOException from, line 196 : Nonaligned lenght not allowed. Size requested = 513 Sector size = 512 .

mkdir does nothing (no error either) though I'm on fat16 fs that is claimed to be R/W.

I have an ext2 primary partition as well which looks like gets recognized and mounted according to a log entry of FileSystemMounter.
Hoevever all I see form is a zero sized file with equal name to the name of the directory where the partition should normally be mounted.

Anybody has any comments on these problems?

I think somebody familiar with th related code could fix it much easier and in less time than someone unfamiliar with it.

If we had a really working fat16 fs that would make such a big difference and open so many possibilities for developping JNode.

Please help!



There was a bug in the ext2 implementation with filesystems with a block size other than 1024 bytes. I have corrected it now, and I'll check it in as soon as I'm ready with the r/w version of the filesystem (hopefully this week). This bug was likely the cause of the problem you have mentioned with your ext2 partition.


File.mkdir() is not implemented at the GNU Classpath level as yet.