JPC for Jnode

Now that JPC is open source did anyone get JPC working on this operating system?

I would also like to know if it possible to drop the GUI and only run JPC at the lowest level possible?

Yet another version of JPC !

Finally, there is yet another version of JPC, look here.
Unfortunately, it's still unable to boot JNode.

The makers of JPC have also done another open source product called Nereus-V, which is about cloud computing in pure java.


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JPC can now run Linux :)

See here, there is the new version of JPC and its sources.
In fact, it's the QEMU Linux Test distribution (based on RedHat 9).

I tried and it's fast.

cool, isn't it ?


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some tips...

Look at my comment about JPC at JavaOne 2007. As you can see, JPC can run inside JNode.

We were contacted by Rhys Newman, the JPC teamleader, few weeks before JavaOne 2007 and have helped him making that possible.

About running JPC at lowest possible level :
- you must avoid using anything related to awt & swing (which will use JNode AwtToolkit and start the GUI)
- the basic idea is to create implementations of JPC devices that will wrap JNode device drivers. The problem here is that JPC virtual video card probably rely on Graphics, which contains primitive drawing (lines, pixels, rectangles, ...). So, we probably have to implement (or share the class that implements) these functions.

Anyway, it's a good idea and if you want to help us for that or something else you are welcome. Don't forget : you can also meet us on irc to discuss about that.


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Nobody has tried ...

You are welcome to give it a go.

Re: "running JPC at the lowest level", JNode can currently be booted to the GUI or to a text console that runs in VGA mode. In the long term, we should also support "headless" configs where JNode is controlled via a serial port or a network terminal session.

It all depends by what you mean by "at the lowest level".

"at the lowest level" =

"at the lowest level" = text console that runs in VGA mode....

JPC on VGA based text console

You can definitely launch JPC from the command shell running on a VGA console.

My confusion is that there are lower levels than your "lowest" level Smiling

What is the minimum needed

What is the minimum needed to launch JPC without the loss of any functionality.