One-Click workspace setup in eclipse

Last evening, I tried to get my development environment up and running using Eclipse 2.1.2 and didn't really get it. That's what I had to do:

- manually checkout the cvs tree
- import all projects separately
- change each projects CVS settings to use extssh instead of ext

All in all, big time entertainment Shocked( with the addition that a complete build involves calling the (or build.bat), which has no real connection to the workspace.

At work, we started using the "Project Set" plugin for Eclipse. It's pretty neat: 2 klicks and the whole thing gets sucked into your workspace and ready to compile. That's about what I'd like to have.

What do you people think?

how about eclipse 3?

Sounds really interesting, but it does not seem to support eclipse 3 yet. Any experiences here?

Yes, it does

We're working with Eclipse 3.0M7 + Project Set. Additionally, we use Checkstyle, another neat plugin which provides a very sophisticated...well, style check Shocked)