history of jnode

hello, I am spirit to make a study on OS in java and I would like to know the history of jnode. thank you

Not much but....

Click here for a short history on JNode.

me too

i am interested in the history of jnode (for my semester thesis [Studienarbeit])
the only thing i know is the date of the jnode registration at sourcefourge.net
it was 11. May 2003


I'll try to write it down this weekend


History v/s architectural overview

I am also keen to start helping with the development - but still try to gasp the whole concept, and how every thing here fits together.
It would help to have some documentation on the whole architecture. Before looking at JNode - if anybody would ask me what is required to greate a Java OS I would have answerd 'write a VM into the bootsector of a disk', I now realised there is a lot more to it than just a bootable vm.
My particular interest comes from where we (my company in Cape Town) now porting a Java application to the 'aJile' java processor board.
This processor is for all practical reasons an embedded vm. How-ever they only support a subset of the Sun's J2ME, and after reading this debacle about Sun's Java licensing, and being technical director, I think I need to make the decision now to what Java we will support - my choice is 'classpath'.
Also having a Java os, were not limited to a dedicated Java processor anymore, and could possibly develop a embedded processor board using any suitable processor compliant with JNode. Please let me know what you think about this or if I am missing some points.
I will install JNode this weekend and try to get to know and understand it better.

Ian Ferreira


I think you're right about the embedded board running any processor and a JavaOS. I think Java processors are nice, but having some kind of Risc processor is probably much faster in terms of code execution.

However I think it is only fair to warn you that JNode is still in an experimental stage. If it already fits your needs, that is great, but do not expect a full-featured OS yet.

If you want to help us port JNode to such an embedded platform, that would be great, because I think it should not be that hard to do.


Intro into technical docs started

I've started writing an introduction to the technical docs. It also contains an overview picture on the JNode components.
I hope this helps.