FileSystemType interface problem

In the FileSystemType interface there is a problem with the method "public boolean supports(PartitionTableEntry pte, byte[] firstSector)". The problem is that for some filesystem the identification(of the FS) can not be done using the first sector. For example for ISO 9660(cdrom file system) the informations about the volume are in logical block 16 where a LB = 2046 bytes. I have implemented this method to return always trus but it is not correct. The ISO 9660 is not the only file system for this type of media. A newer file system used for CDRW and DVDs is UDF(universal data format) that has other signature. But having only the first sector as parameter I can't decide which one it is. Can we modify somehow the interface to ask first for the identification sector before pasing it to the support() method?

You need to change FileSystemType

In supports(...,...) method of FileSystemType interface, we need to replace the byte[] parameter with the FSBlockDeviceAPI.

No replace, just add

Do not replace the byte[] parameter, just add the FSBlockDeviceAPI parameter. Since most filesystems just need the boot sector, not all filesystems have to read this sector.
Only those filesystems that need more information can get it.


than we can read what we want from where we want..

errors in last message

LB size = 2048(4 standard 512 bytes sectors) ofcourse and that method returns always TRUE and not trus..