By guest system in vmware

Just downloaded the newest sources from cvs, but is getting a stops by guest when running in vmware:

After Mouned FAT on jnode
There comes a

Abstract mthod called: 08f7c4a0

"The cpu has been disabled bye a guest operation system.."

I'm running WinXP, but that should not be the problem.

More details

Can you provide more details, like the vmware version. You can also try to block the initial ramdisk plugin by commenting it in full-plugin-list.xml (in all/conf)

It's vmware version 4. I don'

It's vmware version 4. I don't think it's the ramdisk, but I have mailed you a screen shot.


Found it...

Don't know why the build script didn't complain, but deleting all the build folders and running build helped.


Synchronization bug is FS-mounter

The initial ramdisk (/jnode) sometimes triggers a bug in FS-mounter.
There is some synchronization hangup bug in it. I still don't know where, but i also get the "/jnode failed" sometimes.

And an other one

By the way, the console used to freeze sometimes and there's no way out other than reset. I think JNode under vmware running in a decently loaded host OS is a perfect testbed for spotting synchronization bugs.

That's right

I fight with that one a lot, and it looks like a synchronization bug because it occurs randomly.