Has omsone tryed the Unicode support from GNU Classpath?

Hi, for the Joliet ISO9660 extension I need to encode from ASCII into UCS-2 and backwards. Has somone a clue about how I could do that in Java? or if this things are supported by GNU classpath? I know thete in 1.4 there are some classes for this but before I have no clue..do you know any good papers about this thing?


There are some encoder/decoder classes in classpath, implementing the character conversion that are standard in java.
I'm not sure about ucs-2 support.
To convert an ASCII (8-bit) array to a string using decoding, use

new String(byteArray, offset, length, "encoding-name")

Mail me if the encoding is not present (which i guess it will)

with jakarta commons-Codec ?

They don't say that they handle UCS-2 but may help as a base for an impl :jakarta commons-Codec.