Problems with CVS

Hi, I have recently problems with CVS update..I see many files modifed even if they are not and CVS is very very slow for me..have you got any problems as well?

Is it with JNode-GUI ?

With JNode-GUI, I had some problems while updating from CVS : compilation errors under eclipse.

The reason of these errors seems to be the deletion of 3 classes in GUI (as far as I know) on CVS.

So, as I have made no modification on my PC on the GUI part, I replaced this part with the latest version from CVS and it works.


Last night I renamed several classes under the wt package, and commited my changes in two steps. I hope you didn't update your sources durig those ten minutes while I was committing the different parts. If so just update again.
I have verified my sources and they are up to date, the changes are commited and it compiles with ANT.
If you still cannot compile it please give a more detailed error report.


Yesturday i have will re-crea

Yesturday i have will re-create a eclipse projet from CVS.
But i have some problems with source-directory