problems with boot process

Hi, When I boot from network on a real PC I have problems with some devices..they don't start and it seems that if I press a key the do. Do you have such problems?

Please go back the time out v

Please go back the time out value.
Now my IDE device don't start

Device RAM-DISK not start on

Device RAM-DISK not start on my PC.
I have : not starting on time.
But my PC is very slow (233Mhz)

Not start in time is info only

Don't worry about the timeout messages, they are info only.

I like to bogomips idea. How are they calculated?

something like BogoMips for linux ?

I have seen somewhere in JNode a (hardcoded) timeout about device (DeviceMounter ?)

It's remember me that in Linux, at startup it computes something called Bogomips. Now, I realize that, maybe, they use it to adjust some timeout.

If the BogoMips is low (slow PC), timeout are increased to give more time to the PC.

If the BogoMips is high (fast PC), timeout are decreased to give less time to the PC (no need to wait too more, but try to keep a margin).

a link

Here is a link
BogoMips mini howto

I haven't read all the article. Maybe there are links to the algorithm.

Here is what I can remember about bogomips :

- measure the speed but it's not scientifically

- can help to help to see if your pc is well optimized

- help linux to calibrate its kernel delay loop (I don't what it's exactly)

- somewhere in the page they say : BogoMips measure how fast is the cpu for doing nothing !

I think it can be used for JNode at least to measure performance.