J2SDK 1.5 feature usage?

When do you think we should start using j2sdk 1.5 features like generics, autoboxing etc?

I think especially the generics can bring a lot of good to the device framework and many other places.

PS. Do not use them already.


not the one priority

I thinks we need prepare JNODE Core too support 1.5.
But i thinks is not the priority one. I think the perf is the one priority and the GC.

I think is not very hard too support 1.5. Is hardest too support NIO.
Rexep is on JDK 1.4 and is not implemented on classpath.

We need a stable system file for configuration (for network param, …).

Perhaps we can include jvi on JNODE?



Perhaps we can include jvi on JNODE?
Which editor to use is far from the intended scope of this topic, and probably not really top priority either, but I'd absolutely love to see vi on JNode! Smiling