Release 0.2.6

This release features over 99% compatibility with the Java 6 API,
code hotswapping, support for NFS (read-write) and HFS+ (read-only) file systems, even more OpenJDK integration, Jetty6 and
many bug fixes and improvements to the whole system

Screenshots are available here.

The changelog can be found here.

Please check the hardware requirements.


  1. jnode-x86-0.2.6.iso.gz, gzip compressed ISO image.
    Uncompress it to burn a CD-ROM with or to use in VMWare.
  2. jnodesources-0.2.6.tar.gz, all sources.
  3. jnode-x86-0.2.6.iso.vmx, this vmx file can be directly used with free vmware-player, for easy testing JNode
  4. vmdk-jnode-0.2.6.tar.gz, this package contains two vmdk disc images to use in JNode. It features a fat32 and an ext2 partition, each 4GB in size