what about a new intermidiate version?

would be good to be again in the news a little..maybe we get more developers..

Java command

I think the java command with modifiable classpath would be a pretty nice thing to incude in this release and probably wounld not be too much work to do it once the resource loading works correcly (Ewout, did you get my test program ?).
I have some experimental code for this...


Agree, we've got enough new items

Let's set the end of april as target date for 0.1.7.

I'm now working on a ATI Radeon driver, I hope to get that one running by then.

What else should be included?


we need at least 1 file system(other than FAT16)

I think we need full support for at least 1 file system. And here I mean R/W support and most important format support. I tryed the format command many times but it doesn't seem to work.