NPE at trying to mount hda in VMWare


I am trying jnode on VMware 4.

I have 2 virtual devices attached to the virtual pc.

hda -> virtual hard disk with 1 file of 1GB

When Jnode boots throws a NPE trying to mount hda:

INFO [InitRamdisk]: Create initrd ramdisk on /jnode
INFO [InitRamdisk]: Format initrd ramdisk
Cannot start hda
java.lang.NullPointerException: NPE at address 0B93497E
org.jnode.driver.ide.disk.IDEDiskDriver!startDevice (85)
org.jnode.driver.Device!start (129)
org.jnode.driver.DefaultDeviceManager!start (262)
org.jnode.driver.DefaultDeviceManager!register (180)
org.jnode.driver.ide.DefaultIDEControllerDriver!registerDevices (107)
org.jnode.driver.ide.DefaultIDEControllerDriver$1!execute (170)$WorkProcessor!process (159)
org.jnode.util.QueueProcessorThread!run (75)
INFO [DefaultIDEControllerDriver]: hda:VMWare Virtual IDE Hard Drive
INFO [InitRamdisk]: Restart initrd ramdisk
INFO [InitRamdisk]: /jnode ready
INFO [FileSystemMounter]: Try to mound jnode
INFO [FileSystemMounter]: Mounted FAT on jnode

If i try to use the touch command to create a file inside the jnode directory throws an error, that seems logical because there is an error at inicializing IDEDriver, but the messages bellow the NPE says that has mounted a FAT filesystem....

I have to say that i have not formatted the virtual disk, and i supose there is no data at all.

Beside the error, there is a method to partition a disk in jnode?

At another point, i have another error above the NPE of hda but i don't know what is related:
Cannot start pci(0,7,3)
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.jnode.driver.smbus.SMBusControler
org.jnode.vm.classmgr.VmType!doPrepare (1369)
org.jnode.vm.classmgr.VmType!prepare (1296)
org.jnode.vm.classmgr.VmType!link (1272)
org.jnode.vm.VmJavaClassLoader!loadClass (97)
org.jnode.vm.classmgr.VmConstClass!doResolve (43)
org.jnode.vm.classmgr.VmConstObject!resolve (29)
org.jnode.vm.x86.compiler.l1.X86BytecodeVisitor!writeResolveAndLoadClassToEAX (2158)
org.jnode.vm.x86.compiler.l1.X86BytecodeVisitor!visit_new (1868)

what type of bus is the SMBusController??? what type of devices are hung?

I have builded jnode from CVS.

Thank you for your patience.

The mounted FAT is the FAT on the RamDisk not on IDE Device

The mounted FAT is the FAT on the RamDisk not on IDE Device.

For the SMBusControler, I have the same message and ignored it since several weeks but I don't know what it is and why there is an error.

you are correct about the ramdisk


Problably the error at the touch command could be executing it outside jnode directory. My fault.