Writing jnodedisk.dat to a HD partition ?

I want to write jnodedisk.dat to a HD partition in order to be able to boot with it. Has anyone tryed this ?
I do a dd (windows version) and it seems to succeed but windows didn't recognize the partition as FAT.

I activated this partition, and I had only the following message while booting :
after all is freezed, I need to reboot.

Is it necessary to adjust CHS in build-x86 to the CHS of my partition ?
I suppose I also need to adjust the menu.lst for grub, it seems easy.

Who has tryed ?

I have used a CF card

and I had to adjust the CHS (simply added -Djnode.disk.geometry="C/H/S" e.g. -Djnode.disk.geometry="23/43/83" when starting ant). But I wrote the jnodedisk.dat file to the whole disk, not to a single partition.

I think you can't write jnodedisk.dat to a partition because AFAIKit contains a disk image with it own partition table and a single FAT partition containing the Jnode stuff.



What directory/files are on the jnodedisk.dat file ?

I think you are right. Do you know what are the files and directories on this partition.

I think if I copy (under windows) directly the files to the dedicated FAT partition (the first of my disk #0) I created for JNode and I configure grub, it could work. But, I don't what to do and how.

It would be better (and more automatic) than creating a .ISO, writing to CDRW and then rebooting with this CD !

Contents of FAT partition on bootdisk

The FAT partition in the bootdisk contains the files from the <jnode-home>/all/build/x86/bootdisk directory. This directory also contains a subdirectory 'boot' that contains a grub/menu.lst file I didn't found on the CF card after dd'ing the disk image to it. Maybe it is only used to configure grub and isn't added to the disk image.

Hope that helps!


Didn't try it

I've not tried this, but I'm pretty sure the CHS has to match the harddisk (or bios translated settings).