Problem With jnode compiling in WindowsXP

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I have using Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2.
I'm trying to compile jnode source code.
but after run build.bat cd-x86 command after 45 mins the builder program print "mkisofs : no such or directory" in the command prompt and build finish unsuccess full. help me! i have installed cdr-tools in my system and set path variable to cdr-tools directory.

help me plz.


You need to install mkisofs from cygwin

I found this page by searching the JNode site for 'mkisofs'. Here is the relevant part

"Requirements for building under Windows

you need to download :
- nasmw on sourceforge.
- mkisofs from cygwin : you only need mkisofs.exe and cygwin1.dll from their packages or simply get the 2 files from

Put nasmw, mkisofs.exe and cygwin1.dll in your PATH or in C:\windows\system32\.

Now, you can build JNode as explained below in the Building section."

Dear Friend.I have early

Dear Friend.

I have early studay that page and download nasm and cdr-tools zip package for windows.
help me! plz.


Can you run mkisofs from

Can you run mkisofs from the command prompt you are running the "build" from?

Better idea ...

You will probably get a quicker solution to your problem id you get onto IRC and see if someone there can help you out. See the Contact page for details.

Yes, I Can.

Yes, I Can.

It must be a problem with the PATH that 'ant' sees

I'm not a Windows expert, but your problem has to be something to do with the way that you have set your windows PATH. For some reason "mkisofs.exe" is not on the command search path that is being used by the "build.bat" script and hence by "java" as it runs the "ant" build.

Have you tried doing exactly what the Book page tells you to do? For instance, have you tried putting 'mkisofs.exe' and the other files listed into the system32 directory?

Yes, I have puted

Yes, I have puted 'mkisofs.exe' and other files listed in the system32 folder.
but problem till now.

I'm getting your problem I think ...

I've downloaded everything and I'm trying to reproduce your build problem. My build is failing with the following message from the cdrom-lite target.

[exec] mkisofs: No such file or directory. Invalid node - and

[exec] Result: 2

I think I know what may be happening ... stay tuned.

Got it!

My problem was caused by something (an ant script probably) not coping with spaces in Windows pathnames.

I had my JNode build tree and the 'bin' directory (were I put mkisofs.exe and friends) in C:\Documents and Settings\Steve. When I moved them to C:\Steve and readjusted the PATH, the build worked. (FWIW, there is a subtle clue in the error message ... )

The other thing problem I experienced was that you have to restart the command shell after changing the PATH in the Windows System control panel.

Anyway ... it now works for me.


Bluebit: can we close this issue now? Are your build problems sorted out?


A patch for this problem has now been applied. I caused the build to fail with an informative message if you try to build from a directory with spaces in the pathname.


Was it not possible to fix this properly? I just noticed in the Ant script (build-x86.xml) the XML for execing mkisofs uses:

<arg line="... ... ..."/>

Instead of:

<arg value=""/>
<arg value=""/>

The latter properly copes with spaces in arguments, the former does not.