Remote debugger.

Hello all,

Is it possible to connect remote debugger like JSwat ( to Jnode. Are there specials things to do to debug with this method ?


No debugger API yet ; Priority

JNode does not implement any debugger API yet.
It would be very great if it would, but i think it is quite some work to get that going.

What do you all think, is it very important?


Java Debugger Interface (JDI) can also work locally

That can be usefull for debugging, but it's not the first priority.
If we implement (later) the JDI from the SUN spec, we will also be able to debug locally.

I suppose that eclipse uses the JDI api. So, we need it later for eclipse. But before using eclipse, we first need a working FS, GUI ...

Not so important but...

I'm not sure it's most important thing, i think it just easier to debug code. At the moment, most important is to stabilize existing code and have a fully working file system.