Accessing directly harddrive from JAVA/Eclipse ?

For testing the FS, I would like to be able to do this under eclipse (and windows) :
1 - accessing directly my harddrive with JNode-FS classes and maybe some asm from JNode.
2 - doing a test this way
3 - doing a native (windows) chkdsk or scandisk
4 - iterating from 1 to 3 with different tests

Do you think it can be done easily ? If true, how can I do it ?
This will allow to accelerate the JUnit tests on Filesystems and the debuging process will be faster and easier.
If possible, I will add new classes (if needed) to make the bridge and not alter existing classes.

Thanks for your help.

Very difficult

I think this is very difficult and also a bit strange.
It is difficult, because windows has its own FS & device API's, which would require major programming to connect.
I think it is a bit strange, because JNode is an OS, so it is designed to run on bare hardware.

Is it possible to use ftp

Is it possible to use ftp server to share the file system in read-write mode?


It might work: If you run

It might work:

If you run the FTP server on JNode, it has to access the
Windows partition. JNode doesn't have drivers to support
this, so it won't work.

If you run the FTP server on Windows, you might be able to
access the FTP server from a client running in JNode over
Bochs, VMWare / etc. You clearly won't be able to do this
if JNode is running natively.

(I say it might work because there are all manner of
things that may throw a spanner in the works.)