Fix for FAT names sometimes having junk after them

Project:JNode FS
Category:bug report
Assigned:Daniel Noll

Some code in FatLfnDirEntry.getSubstring was searching for nulls from the end of the string.

A directory in my own data set had a string like this:


As a result the current implementation wasn't trimming the junk from the back. I changed the code to search for the \0 from the front instead.


Where is the patch?


I hope this was a mistake by Daniel.

Today morning I saw one "spam post". I do not know why this issue got marked as spam.
So I marked it as not-spam. Either that removed the attachement or Daniel did not append it.


It's a web site bug actually and here is how to make it happen:
- Go to File Attachment, hit Browse, select a file.
- Hit Attach, file *pretends* to be attached.
- Hit Preview Comment (note that you can't see an attachment, I assumed it was there but obviously it wasn't.)
- Post

That set of steps will result in the attachment not being on the site.

If you go directly to Preview after selecting the file it seems to work fine, although it's hard to confirm because as you've probably noticed, *another* bug with the site prevents seeing the attachment after posting even if it's present.


(Re: the patch upload issue). That is not a new issue. The website has behaved as you described for as long as I can remember. But it would be nice if it was fixed.


Ok, this was my fault. File uploads should work now and also the behaviour described by Daniel should not happen again.


could you please submit the patch as a file attachement?
If it's still not working for some reason, pleasen email it to me.
Thanks, Levente



lfn-name-string-fix.patch851 bytes




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marking as fixed since the code has been commited


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.