JNode 0.2.7 Released

The JNode team is proud to announce the release of JNode 0.2.7.

JNode is a free, open source Java technology based operating system implemented in the Java language with a very small assembler nano-kernel.

This release features the integration of the OpenJDK implementation of Swing and AWT, and significant improvements to the overall JNode GUI including improved painting and font rendering, generic VESA support and graphical console. The release also includes a new command argument framework for the shell, reworked shell commands, a configure tool for the JNode build environment, Samba file system with read/write support and many stability and bug fixes across the whole system.

JNode 0.2.7 is a development release targeting Java developers and computer software specialists who like the idea of a Java based operating system. It is intended to encourage people to join in the creation of this truly unique and innovative free operating system.

We would like to thank all contributors for their efforts in making this release possible.

Screenshots are available here: http://www.jnode.org/node/132

JNode can be downloaded from here: http://www.jnode.org/node/2705

Changelog: http://www.jnode.org/node/2696

More information on the JNode project can be found at http://www.jnode.org and http://sourceforge.net/projects/jnode

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Problem running under VMWare

I get the exception below over and over again once the boot process is mostly through. I am using VMWare Server 1.0.5. ( is my router.)

If I try to type in ifconfig while the exceptions are constantly scrolling, in between I get
eth-pci(0,16,0): MAC-Address [... a long hex string for the MAC address ...] MTU 1500
loopback: MAC-Address [... a long hex string for the MAC address ...] MTU 1500

Here is the exception:

ERROR [DefaultNetworkLayerManager]: Cannot process packet
at org.jnode.net.ipv4.IPv4RoutingTable.search(IPv4RoutingTable.java:122)
at org.jnode.net.ipv4.layer.IPv4Sender.findRoute(IPv4Sender.java:178)
at org.jnode.net.ipv4.layer.IPV4Sender.transmit(IPV4Sender.java:122)
at org.jnode.net.ipv4.layer.IPv4NetworkLayer.transmit(IPv4NetworkLayer.java:381)
at org.jnode.net.ipv4.icmp.ICMPUtils.sendUnreachable(ICMPUtils.java:108)
at org.jnode.net.ipv4.icmp.ICMPUtils.sendPortUnreachable(ICMPUtils.java:60)
at org.jnode.net.ipv4.udp.UDPProtocol.deliver(UDPProtocol.java:219)
at org.jnode.net.ipv4.udp.UDPProtocol.receive(UDPProtocol.java:164)
at org.jnode.net.ipv4.layer.IPV4NetworkLayer.deliver(IPv4NetworkLayer.java:203)
at org.jnode.net.service.DefaultNetworkLayerManager.process(DefaultNetworkLayerManager.java:51)
at org.jnode.util.QueueProcessorThread.run(QueueProcessorThread.java:106)
at org.jnode.vm.scheduler.VmThread.runThread(VmThread.java:723)

I am using jnode-x86-0.2.7.iso.vmx and jnode-x86-0.2.7.iso downloaded from the site.

I tried to search the site for a solution, but couldn't find one.


what are you trying to do ?

I am not sure if you've typed a command but the exception suggest that you should use the route command.
It's offen used after a call to ifconfig since it's needed for jnode to communicate through network.


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Just trying to boot

I've typed nothing and these messages appear. Obviously it's talked on the network a little bit, since it has found my router/DHCP Server's IP address along the way. However, it doesn't appear to have automatically picked up an IP address. Route only works if the IP address has been chosen, right?

As a temporary workaround, it seems to work if I type this (blind, since exceptions are scrolling constantly and quickly):
ifconfig loopback
ifconfig eth-pci(0,16,0)

Once this is done, the exceptions stop coming fast and furious.

And then, since dhcp does not seem to work:

route --add eth-pci(0,16,0)
resolver -a
resolver -a

So the problem is that neither loopback nor eth-pci(0,16,0) get their IP addresses.

If I try to do this manually:
dhcp eth-pci(0,16,0)

I get a long exception:
ERROR [ConfigurationProcessor]: Cannot configure device eth-pci(0,16,0)
at org.jnode.net.ipv4.config.impl.NetDhcpConfig.doApply(NetDhcpConfig.java:44)
Caused by: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Timeout in receive
[...lots of potentially relevant lines but too many to type...]

I'm not sure what the intent is, but it would be nice to have this come up right on boot with DHCP.

As you probably guessed

As you probably guessed JNode might had beed getting ICMP requests from the network and since the networking wasn't configured corretly it threw execeptions.
The dhcp based network configuration was intended to work. Maybe you or someone can do some debugging to see what's wrong with it.