Network Boot Troubles

I've tried several combinations, but have been unable to get network boot to be successful. I'll describe what I've tried and what happens, and hopefully someone can help me get up and running.

I download and run tftp32 from on my server machine, which is connected to my home network with a 4-port DSL/router box.

My server address comes up as:,
so in DHCP Server settings, I put:
IP Pool starting address =
Size of pool= 3
Boot file = C:\Java\downloads\jnode\dev-march2\jnode\all\build\x86\netboot\nbgrub-rtl8139
WINS/DNS Server =
Default Router =
Mask =
Domain Name =
Additional Option = (150,(nd)/menu-nb.lst)

I save these DHCP Server settings, and set global options:
PXE configuration, translate Unix file, allows '\' As Virtual root
I set the TFTP server root directory to:

My client is a Sony VAIO PCG-FXA32, I press F2 during bios bootup, and set Network Boot to highest priority (over hard drive).

Then on reboot, the client prints:

"Intel UNDI, PXE-2.0 Build 082

For Realtek RTL8139(A/B/C)RTL8130 PCI Fast Ethernet Controller v2.11 (001205)
CLIENT MAC ADDR: 08 00 46 2F 6T AF GUID: 304CAAE0-3704-11D4-89A0-0800462F6EAF

While the server prints:

"Rcvd DHCP Discover Msg for IP, Mac 08:.. as above
DHCP: proposed address
Rcvd DHCP Rqst Msg for IP, Mac (as above).
Previously allocated address acked.
Connection received from on port 2070
Read request for file C:\...\nbgrub-rtl8139, Mode octet
C:\...\nbgrub-rtl8139 sent 211 blocks, 108000 bytes in 1s. 0 blk resent

And TFTP32 reports current action = : sent 211 blks, 108000 bytes in 1 s. 0 blk resent

My client does nothing further at this point, no printing GRUB at the top, no nothing, just the text remains there, and the server does nothing as well.

Have I forgotten something? Is my hardware not able to do a network boot? It looks like DHCP was successful..., but why no GRUB?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Problem Solved

I could never get the default protocol to work, but if I boot to grub from CD, then select a DHCP option, everything works fine with the options as above for TFTP and DHCP. Thanks for your help, I'm okay now.

PXE is not the same as NetBoot

Does your client NIC have other boot options besides PXE? You may need to use a pxegrub-* boot file rather than a nbgrub-* boot file.