SVN update not working on build server

Project:JNode Builder
Category:bug report

It fails with the following message:

     [exec] Error validating server certificate for '':
     [exec]  - The certificate hostname does not match.
     [exec] Certificate information:
     [exec]  - Hostname: *
     [exec]  - Valid: from Nov 11 20:25:27 2008 GMT until Jan 11 20:25:27 2010 GMT
     [exec]  - Issuer: Equifax Secure Certificate Authority, Equifax, US
     [exec]  - Fingerprint: 04:b2:70:e9:ba:cf:70:fc:e8:8a:22:86:14:13:51:97:1b:6a:de:38
     [exec] (R)eject, accept (t)emporarily or accept (p)ermanently? svn: PROPFIND request failed
             on '/svnroot/jnode/trunk'
     [exec] svn: PROPFIND of '/svnroot/jnode/trunk': Server certificate verification failed: 
            certificate issued for a different hostname (

(see the build log in 'Build status')

Strangely this doesn't make the whole build process fail, which would be important for immediately detecting the issue.


I had the same kind of message while updating from svn yesterday. I choosed "(p)ermanently" and everything seemed to work well after (but I have not yet tried to do a commit).

I have no idea what's the problem ... sounds like an issue on sourceforge side.
From the above message, it sounds to be due to url mismatch : and *


Assigned to:Anonymous» Peter

I ran it one time manually and accepted the certificate permanently. So this should be working again.

I have no real clue why the whole build process failed, this is indeed strange. If you look at the build script, I'd expect the build process to fail as it would for a javac error. I guess it is due to the svn command returning "0" as exit code in that case.

Marking as fixed.


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