Avoiding Jnode forking

Hi. I´m very exciting by this new future Java OS.
But a have a fear about this OS will suffer one of the mains pains of linux, "the forking".
There are , too many filesystem struts, Window Manager, package Systems... in linux, and every distribution must have to be configured in diferent files, with diferent tools. This is the real nightmare of Linux.

Will be a good point to Jnode, avoid at possible, that situation. Maybe, considering this JNode a "reference implementation" of all possible forks, or standarizing all posible main features of the system. Or develop a series of test thas ensure a "JNode compatible" check.

What do you think?

Pd. Sorry for my bad english

JNode will be JDK compatible..

and JDK is standard, SWING or SWT is standard...so the risc is much smaller..we should have nothing against distros but agains binary incompatibility..which shouldn't exist..I think there is a small chance that somone will start a fork...

Agree, but how

I agree with the risk you mention.

I'm not sure if you suggestion will really work. I hope that with a tight development team, we can also help to avoid this risk as much as possible.


probably Jnode has lower risk

In the other hand, it´s posible that Jnode has a lower risk. Linux is on ly the kernel, and the distributions packages all the surrounding stuff.

At the moment, it seems, that jnode try to cover almost any of the resources of a modern operating system (gui, tools, compiler), and not only a kernel. I hope that this will be enought.