VirtualBox: no luck ever. QEmu: semi-works

Hi, all.
I am very new to JNode (today first hands-on try and also my very first post, after all). Smiling So I've built JNode ISO (lite) on Intel Mac quite well (omitting lots of strange messages for some classes were not found) and it even boots! Smiling Wow.

However, it won't work on latest VirtualBox: it stops loading after message "Enable paging" and then freezes forever, no matter what configuration I try (different memory size, CPU options, peripherals etc etc etc). So after half an hour trying to make it running with no success, I just simply gave up running it on xVM.

Then I've tried QEmu ( actually). It boots well and loads to the command line. However, when I call garbage collector and then trying to start awt, screen gets just blank, CPU works for 99% and that's it. Nothing else works.

My questions are:
1. Does somebody successfully running JNode on hardware emulation with all the graphical stuff shown?
2. I can not find any docs how to install my own app and run in inside. I would like to do so.
3. I have some spare old hardware, but it has only 256M RAM and Celeron Intel processor. Well, Windows 2000, Linux and OpenBSD works very good there, BeOS and QNX are just "flying" on this hardware. Does JNode will run on it?



1) VMWare works for me - see below.
2) Good point. I don't believe there is a good documentation page for this. But take a look at the comments on (It looks like Fabien is still working on this, so there may still be "teething troubles".)
3) In theory it should work. In practice, 256Mb may not be enough memory ... JNode used to die in the bootstrap sequence if it didn't have enough (emulated or real) physical memory, and I think this is still the case. But it wouldn't be that hard to build a JNode ISO, burn it to a CD and try it out Smiling

BTW - I use the free VMWare player and it works fine for me. Admittedly, I've got 3Gb of physical memory. In the past, I have successfully run JNode in VMWare on an old-ish PC with 1Gb of physical memory, but I was running Eclipse, building JNode etc on a different machine.


Thank you very much. So:
1. Well, yeah. As long as VMWare player for Mac around... Sad So, no xVM? Sad...
2. Ouch. Rebuilding entire thing to ISO... There is JNLP around, BTW.
3. Oh, so 256M not enough. Umm, starting to thinking about maybe use plain Linux + IcedTea + might be a better idea.

Thanks for the answers!

JNode is not yet mature

As you have probably guessed, JNode is not a mature product yet.

Out of interest, why are you looking at JNode?

I though it could be better

I though it could be better to have just Java in my small system, rather then OS + Java. Seems like not. Smiling

jnode on macos x


I have VMWare Fusion booting the 0.2.7 iso on a Mac Book Pro running OS X 10.5. The GUI starts, no surprises thankfully, apart some recurring pausing.

I also built from sources on Mac OS X; I had some build errors but unfortunately lost the javac error message. I did managed to get the iso built, just by re-running ant. (I have the svn revision noted and zip prior to build so should be able to repeat)

That image booted but would not accept keyboard input. So I setup the serial port to try kernel debugging, but the side effect of adding the serial port 'solved' the keyboard issue and apart from a acpi error at boot time; it seems to work, although my testing has not been thorough.

I hope that helps, and isn't just an advert for VMFusion, but it is a great product Smiling

I'm interested in getting Jnode running on my (yet to be) created Bootcamp partition, but as it's my primary work machine I a little reluctant at the moment.


Not yet ...

... but when JNode is ready for prime-time it should be a viable option for doing that kind of thing. The > 256Mb issue is (AFAIK) something to do with the way that heap management works during bootstrap. It should be resolvable.

jnode-x86-0.2.8.iso dont

jnode-x86-0.2.8.iso dont work on vbox 3.26.6
hang up "befoe start vm"