Use JamVM as the JVM?


I am thikning about getting JNode running on an ARM embedded system.
The CALAO USB9263 to be precise:

Currently, irrespective of JNode, I am be able to run an embedded Debian and JamVM (classpath based) and, for example, am able to serve JSP's out using Jetty. It can also run the Felix OSGi container... Performance is /acceptable/, being a 200Mhz machine.

However, wouldn't it be nice, in some respects, drop Debian and run the Java code directly on the h/w:)

Because the on-board peripheral devices (such as video, sound, network, usb etc) have many stand alone examples (e.g. C code which runs on the h/w direclty without an OS) it should be /fairly/ straighforward to interpret them together with the associated Linux land drivers and produce a driver compatible with JNode.

So that's my thinking, my question is, what are peoples thoughts on being able to swap out the current JVM with JamVM? or adopt JamVM practices? or is there a plan to reduce the minimum requirements of the current JVM?

All the best,