New docs, fresh off the press!

I'm in the process of creating some more informative documentation for the ever maturing command line interface in JNode. As a first installment, i did a writeup on Arguments. Its basically a HOWTO aimed at the Command implementor.

Steve, if you could, take a quick glance over it for correctness. I'm pretty sure i hit the main points that i wanted to, just want to be sure nothing is wrong or misrepresented.

If some part of it does not seem clear, let me know and I'll try and do a better job describing those parts. I don't plan to go into the details of the Argument class itself. For that I'll do another writeup on how to extend arguments and what is made available for the extension to control.

Arguments - The Basics

Link to javadocs?

I'll read through the docs tonight, but here's a suggestion for now. How about adding links to the online copies of the relevant class javadocs; e.g. for the Argument classes? I know that the "*" javadocs aren't the best in the world, but I have made a bit of an effort.

Also, there is older material in the documentation tree on the CommandIO, Syntax, CommandLine, etc APIs, XML syntax, and underlying mechanisms that could be reorganized, updated and incorporated ... if you feel up to the task.

Aye, i'll do some touch-ups

Aye, i'll do some touch-ups to it, adding links and a bit of formatting. The plan was to put up some rough doc pages, fill in details where needed, then format/cross-reference. For the time being im going to concentrate on documenting the basic interfaces that a commands deal with. Then gradually move deeper into the lower level APIs, but most of what you mentioned is on that short list.

I'll likely take a run at some of the javadoc too as i go. To do this properly, this documentation would aim to be a complement, instead of a supplement to the javadoc. The API specification style docs in the javadoc, and this documentation to be more of a guide/howto referencing the javadoc for details.

It won't be a quick process, but i'll chip away at it.