Removing **my** unused/incomplete/unneeded features ?

Here is the features I have added to jnode sources in the past and I am now thinking to remove :

  1. Support for vmware disks : it's based on 'Virtual Disk Format 1.0' specifications (from VMWare)
    The implementation is here : distr/src/apps/org/jnode/apps/vmware/disk
    The tests are here : distr/src/test/org/jnode/apps/vmware/disk/test
    I started to write that when I wanted to embed some files inside a jar and inside the iso to use them inside jnode.
    It's an incomplete and some parts of the specifications wasn't clear. Now, I strongly prefer to use KVM and I have the application packager (among other ways), I don't see any need to continue that work (if there is some interest ouside of jnode, it might become its own project, independently of JNode).
  2. jar file system : the intent was also to build a JNode filesystem on top of a jar file. Like for above, I don't feel the need to continue that thing.
    The incomplete implementation is here : fs/src/fs/org/jnode/fs/jarfs

What do you think ? Should these features be removed or someone else want to continue that work ? Please comment.

I don't think they should be removed

While you no longer need the functionality that these components would have provided, I can see that they could be useful in the future. Particularly the JAR filesystem! If you think that they are in a suitable state for someone to continue working on, I think they should be retained somewhere.

Assuming that the code is worth keeping, there is a strong argument for doing something so that new users don't mistakenly think that the functionality is working / supported. (Maybe we need 'attic' or 'experimental' directories in each project.) It would also be a good idea to create 'issues' for the completion of the functionality in case someone feels the urge to do the work.

I agree with Steve

There is no need to remove them.
A package level javadoc page can also explain the status.