awt gui doesn't work on sun virtualbox

I have typed "startawt" in commandline but it appears a dark screen and nothing happened then. Should I use some other virtual machine software instead?

I use VMWare

... and the JNode GUI works for me. I think most developers are still using VMWare, though some have been trying alternatives.

Note that whatever virtualization platform you use you will need to allocate > 512Mb to the virtual PC.

Also note that the GUI can take a long time to start up because it needs to compile a lot of classes to native code. Before deciding that nothing is happening, it is worth looking at the host OS'es CPU usage monitor to see if your virtual PC is doing something.

Finally, if the GUI is hung, you can try to use ALT F12 to quit it. The console may then give some hints as to what the problem is.

It works now

Thanks, it works right now.