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I've just discovered this project:
Notable features: derived from JNode, GPL license

What do you think?


My concern was that on the SF project page they write GPL while in the distributed sources there is no licensing information. So they seem to intend to relincese the code under GPL but as far as I know they don't have the right to do so. Distributing the sources without license information is also a mistake.

Removing the copyright notice is a violation of the LGPL

Plain and simple. They are required to retain the original copyright notices. They are required to include a notice that says that the modified code is licensed under the LGPL 2.1 or later.

Actually, LGPL allows them to relicense their modifications under GPL. But that doesn't allow them to remove copyright notices. Furthermore, saying that they intend to licence under GPL is not the same as actually doing it!

They only get-out they might possibly have is if there was no copyright notice on the JNode source files at the time that they copied them. Can someone please check that this didn't happen? (It is possible that Ewout made a mistake ...)

But even then, the absence of a copyright notice does not mean that they are allowed to copy the files. Of course, IANAL.

IMO, this is serious. We should start by contacting 'forest luo' informing that he is violating the LGPL by distributing modified JNode code with the copyright notice removed, and requesting that he remedy this immediately. Also check the other SF projects that he is involved with.

Maybe Forest Luo is also on LinkedIn ...

It sounds Forest Luo could be joined through on LinkedIn too. (I assume it's the same person ... unless it's a commonly used name and first name in china).


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I just take a quick look but

I just take a quick look but it's seems that he took old code from version 1.1 as a foundation for his project and apparently, there are no disclaimer on this code. I don't understand the purpose of this project.

The purpose ...

I followed some links and used Google to translate from Chinese to English. The SimpleTeam group seem to be doing things with wireless/mobile phones and messaging, among other things. The site mentions something called UMS == "Unified Message Service Platform". SimpleTeam seems to involve (at least) Chinese mobile phone providers China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Netcom, but I couldn't see anything that summarized the aims/purpose/membership of the group.

I don't see any immediate cause for concern. In fact, we would only have a right to object if they took JNode code and used it in violation of the LGPL. Basically, that means modifying the code, distributing the modified version, and not providing the source for their modifications. They also need to use it in a way that allows a customer to plugin a replacement for the library. (There are some other things too, but you can read about them in the GPL/LGPL licenses and FAQs.)