Refactoring of Jnode


I am Aziz a graduate student from university of Maryland at Baltimore county.
I an new in this forum but pretty much interested in your project.

Also i would like to learn new things pertaining to operating systems if i get affiliated to this project.

Could anyone guide me as where to start from.
Do you have any class diagrams or documentation where i can begin with looking into the code.

I have 4 years of software development experience in C# but i am new to java world but i beleive as a programmer i can pick things up as they come and learn them too.

Please let me know what is to be done so that i can also start contributing to this community .

Thanks and Regards

JNode system documentation

JNode's system / architectural documentation is rather limited, but everything available can be found in the Developer Guide. JNode javadocs are online here.

PS. I cannot see any connection between your forum item's subject and its body. Please consider editing the subject.