jnode runs on qemu!

if you dont have vmware or spare test pc for you to try jnode,here's how you can test it with qemu
download qemu @ http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu/
and start qemu with command qemu -m 64 -L . --cdrom jnode-x86-0.1.7.iso
its kind of slow but testable. there are two versions of qemu,named qemu and qemu-fast,i have only tested with qemu

btw. qemu features powerpc emulation(only cvs i think) if you want to develop support for powerpc cpu's

If only there was a Java port of QEMU...

If only there was a Java port of QEMU.

Then jnode could be run/developed anywhere Java is available. Running jnode inside jQEMU inside an IDE would be both cool and increase the developer pool substantially.

A Java port of QEMU would also help all of the mixed Java applications move to pure Java. There are many applications, especially internal corporate ones, that are tied to a specific platform by crusty old native libraries that can't realistically be ported from C, Fortran, COBOL, etc... jQEMU would be a boon to pure Java.

Very nice!

And much faster then bochs!



Yes, it indeed runs on qemu, the only problem is that jnode seems to fail to boot with the pci bus enabled in qemu (support for the pci bus is currently only in the cvs version of qemu). Nevertheless it is still a viable option to run JNode, and I guess currently it's the only free pc emulator that can do that.