Problem building JNode


I am new to JNode. Smiling With that said, I am trying to build the 0.2.8 sources in Windows XP and I am getting an error in the and native2ascii conversion. I don't get what is happening but it is related to 2 comments in these files, around the author name (Levente Sántha). When I open the files in an editor such as jEdit it shows correctly (i.e. I see an a acute), but in the next ant target I get the following:




[jnode.compile] Compiling 108 source files to D:\datique\home\lab\jnodesources-0
[jnode.compile] D:\datique\home\lab\jnodesources-0.2.8\builder\build\src\org\jno
de\jnasm\assembler\gen\ unmappable character for encoding US-ASCII

[jnode.compile] * @author Levente S?ntha (
[jnode.compile] ^
[jnode.compile] D:\datique\home\lab\jnodesources-0.2.8\builder\build\src\org\jno
de\jnasm\preprocessor\gen\ unmappable character for encoding US-
[jnode.compile] * @author Levente S?ntha (
[jnode.compile] ^
[jnode.compile] 2 errors

D:\datique\home\lab\jnodesources-0.2.8\all\build.xml:226: The following error oc
curred while executing this line:
D:\datique\home\lab\jnodesources-0.2.8\all\lib\jnode.xml:69: The following error
occurred while executing this line:
D:\datique\home\lab\jnodesources-0.2.8\builder\build.xml:89: Compile failed; see
the compiler error output for details.

I have checked my default file.encoding and it shows as Cp1252. Why is it trying to use US-ASCII for anything and why do I get the error?

Thanks in advance,

You should get a more recent version.

That error has been fixed many months ago.

For example, the character in fault has been replaced by \u00e.
We are using US-ASCII + java notation for unicode characters (like the \u00e mentionned above) for all JNode source code to avoid such problems.


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Thanks for your

Thanks for your response.

Now I noticed that 0.2.8 it was released almost a year ago. I'll try the trunk head. But that seems to be the latest release announced...

By the way, I would love to read a somewhat detailed explanation of the build process. Something like a tutorial on building JNode by hand would provide great insight to those involved in using or developing it. I know it is probably obvious for those that are used to the code, but I am just arriving and I would like to a bit more than "run build.bat" to get started.




This is just to let you know I succeeded in building JNode from the trunk HEAD (rev. 5690 to be exact). I was also able to run it on VirtualBox. Will play around a bit.

I have also imported sources into Eclipse. Where should I go afterwards for a source code overview/getting started/first steps?