making jnode a dayly use operating system


Im am a senior j2ee developer/architect and I like very much the idea to
build a operating system with java. I think that using java services
and class structure to create a system is much more better than
using a free structure of files and conventions like in linux.

How much effort is necessari to male jnode to be usable in each day work?

For example what about:

- web browser
- email client
- office
- eclipse


To speed up the time is possible for you to make a layer that male linux
applications to work on top of jnode? Like firefox, openoffice, eclipse?

Thanks, Davide!

You are welcome to help ...

... but we are not going to make a layer that would allow linux applications to run on top of JNode. Our goal is to run java application, not linux application Eye-wink

If you want to do that, you can use a PC emulator written in pure java PC like JPC.
That would allow you to run your favorite linux applications inside your favorite linux distro.
But be warned : if that works, it will be very slow (at least right now).

For things like web browser, email client, office application, eclipse, I know that solutions are being developed (completely unrelated to JNode as far I know) in pure java.
The more advanced solutions are probably email clients because they are the easiest to implement (on top of javax.mail API Eye-wink ) : I am thinking especially about columba.

All that being said, the **very small** team is concentrating on the core of JNode to make it more reliable and faster.
So, your help is really welcome ! Discussing is good but we have tons of people coming for that. What we **really** need is more developers making code contributions to JNode and preferably on the long term. So, join and help us !


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