Problem building Jnode from SVN on Win32(Vista)


I am trying to build Jnode on Win32(Vista). I have the latest SVN, latest JDK (1.6r17), and latest stable NASM with all envornment variables seemingly set correctly. 'build.bat cd-x86-lite' gives this:

JAVA_HOME is set to "c:\Program Files (x86)\java\jdk1.6.0_17"
Buildfile: all\build.xml
[echo] Setting memoryMaximumSize to 768m

[mkdir] Created dir: c:\jnode\all\build
[mkdir] Created dir: c:\jnode\all\build\reports
[mkdir] Created dir: c:\jnode\all\save
[mkdir] Created dir: c:\jnode\all\build\cdroms
[mkdir] Created dir: c:\jnode\all\build\descriptors
[mkdir] Created dir: c:\jnode\all\build\plugins
[mkdir] Created dir: c:\jnode\all\build\initjars
[get] Getting:
[get] To: c:\jnode\all\lib\classlib.pack.gz
[get] Error opening connection http://codem
[get] Error opening connection http://codem
[get] Error opening connection http://codem
[get] Can't get
asslib.pack.gz to c:\jnode\all\lib\classlib.pack.gz

c:\jnode\all\build.xml:267: Can't get
0090722120045/classlib.pack.gz to c:\jnode\all\lib\classlib.pack.gz

Total time: 0 seconds

I have tried to copy and paste the offending URLs into my browser to check, and sure enough they don't come up there either. Any ideas?



Please update the sources from SVN trunk and try a clean build.
There is no response yet from but the workaround should be working.

I've reported the problem to

I've reported the problem to
Waiting for response...

jnode account deleted ?

I am affraid our account at codemammoth has been deleted (probably because that's many month we didn't uploaded anything).
At least, I weren't able to access to and


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