Problem building JNode

I have a problem building JNode checked out several hours ago using the Eclipse IDE. As I downloaded and imported the projects, Eclipse told me that all projects are missing the all/lib/classlib.jar. Upon that I tried to run the build script as it seemed to compile/load this thing, but it failed finding the command "if". I know exactly, that this problem is supposed to be really "noob", but I don't work with Ant that often and therefore I'm happy about every help I can get to fix that.

PS: I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum, but there's nothing like "Compile Problems", so I could not really post it elsewhere...

rgds Farok


Forum is ok, or opening a bug would have been ok too.

Your problem description is to unspecific. I do not remember anyone having a similar problem. Could you provide a output log with more information?

Otherwise download the two files manually and place them in all/lib/. Where to get them is in the file (though it's actually http not ftp). If you can't find it ask on IRC, I don't want to post the URL here as it can change anytime.

same problem

Hi all, I'm another noob with the same problem.

I cloned the source with git, opened it in eclipse, classlib.jar was missing, I thought about running the build.bat file, and the same thing happened. After reading this thread I checked the file and it seems the http link to the jar file is broken. In fact there doesn't seem to be a 'jnodeftp' directory on codemammoth. Help?




I'm not sure what happened to the files. But the server is leventes, so I hope he'll fix it.
In the meantime I copied the classlib files to my server, so as a workaround please download yourself, here they are: