Using QEMU to to run JNode?

I've just found a new free emulator project that I haven't heard of before: the QEMU CPU Emulator.

Has anyone ever used this to boot JNode? If this is better than Bochs, (and it is definitely cheaper than VMWare) this may be a good alternative to speed development for much cheaper.


Test results


I've tried using it on Windows, which works pretty good. I find vmware to be quite a bit faster, but qemu is MUCH faster the bochs and seems to work prety well.

However i have not been able to enter the qemu-monitor, which would be a nice tool.


on Linux

It works under Linux as well, but when I last tried it, PCI was still an experimental feature in QEMU, and Jnode did not boot with pci enabled.
As I recall, the monitor feature was also working. I'll give it a try again sometime.

How to use QEMU?


I installed QEMU 0.6 windows version and tried this, but nothing happens.

E:\down>qemu.exe -cdrom jnode-x86-0.1.8.iso

How do I launch it?


I've added a start script (qemu.bat) to CVS that starts JNode in QEMU (on Windows) with the latest daily QEMU version (QemuInstall-20041013.exe)


Getting the .dat file out of the .iso?


Do you know of an easy way to get the .dat file out of the downloaded .iso file so that it can be run easily in an emulator without having to figure out how to get JNode compiled ourselves? It would be really nice to have a seperate download for the .dat file that can easily be run in an emulator. I think you'd get a bunch more people testing out JNode and getting interesting if it worked nicer out of the box with an emulator.


emulator and .iso

Does your emulator support booting form a CD?
Something like configuring the downloaded iso file to be the boot CD of the emulated computer.

booting from CD

I think I tried this with Qemu, but it didn't work. If we had a way to do this reliably, that would be okay. However, a lot of the example batch programs tend to use .dat files to get things started. What I'm thinking of is another target of the ant files which creates a special .gz file with batch files and scripts for starting emulators in various environments along with the .dat file and a few readme's and quick links to download sites for emulators to get people started quickly.


Quemu 0.6.1 starts

Quemu 0.6.1 starts with:

qemu.exe -L "\Data\xxx\Qemu\bios" -m 384 -hda "C:\Data\xxx\Qemu\jnode.img" -cdrom "C:\Data\My Downloads\jnode-x86-0.1.10.iso" -boot d -enable-audio -localtime

But I did not test any features.


Okay, this looks good except the jnode.img part. Is this something I need to generate with mkquemuimg.exe? Or is this something that needs to be compiled and generated? If I can make it, then is there anything special I need to do to make it? If it is compiled during the JNode build process, then this needs to be something available for download.



Thats only the virtual harddisc, which was created with quemu. All I have done is to use the QEMUMenu.bat batch-file. I did not work for me as i expected and I have not tried with a more current version of JNode. I could not partition this disc.

On Windows

I used the latest qemu snahshot.

Then something like

qemu.exe -L .\bios -hda jnodedisk.dat|pln

I always forget which file it it, the dat or pln, just use the big one.


Using QEMU to to run JNode?

Hey, it doesn't work. I'm trying it under Windows 98 with one hard disk, partitioned into 3( c: d: and e:).
QEMU build QemuInstall-20041116.
JNode iso file is stored in drive e:

The message is : Intermediate file error during pipe

I got Gemu working with JNode in windows

I used Qemu and Qemu manager from
It was much easier to set-up with this Windows GUI manager.

Good luck