Shell command not work.

In shell at least dir command not work.

I find no source code of this comnand, perhaps it is hard to realize the command?

And it should be useful to provide a editor in Jnode, as simple as possible, like VI in unix.

should work now

the dir command should work now.



There's a bug at the moment which blocks 'dir' to be executed in the root directory.
I you have an ext2 file system and know where it is mounted (look at the boot log) then you can 'cd /mountpoint' there and 'dir' will work.
There is a simple editor in JNode, it is invoked with the 'edit' command. The file dialog doesn't work in it for the same reason as the dir command. You can create a file with the 'thouch filename' on your ext2 partition, edit it with 'edit filename' and save it in the menu with the 'Save' option (not 'Save as...'!). Verify with 'cat filename' the contets of the saved file.

Good luck,

Friendly editor, better than vi in unix!

Thank you for your help!

cd /jnode,
then dir and edit works.

Can you developers provide a dynamic updating document of jnode on the website? Perhaps the document now we have is too simple.