JOP - Java Optimized Processor

JOP is one way to use a configurable Java processor in small embedded real-time systems. It shall help to increase the acceptance of Java for these systems.

Complete VHDL source and tools in Java are available for download from this site. If you prefere CVS access you can get the sources from

I have had a little contact w

I have had a little contact with Martin Schoeberl one year ago about adopting the net cards (RTL8019 and CS8900) into JNode, but his project is GPL and not LGPL. It's an interesting project, but still JOP is a java processor and not quite what JNode is about.


TCP/IP licence

I would like to get the things clear: The TCP/IP stack (called ejip) is, as a tribute to the original work, BSD style license. That means you can do whatever you want with the code. Should fit perfect with LGPL.

JOP, the Java processor, is a different thing. JOP is not GPL (or perhaps not yet). JOP is free for personal or educational, academic use. For commercial use a licence is needed.

Martin (Schoeberl)

You could ask him if he would

You could ask him if he would release the work you need under LGPL. Quite often authors are more interested in somebody using their work than having the GPL enforced to the fullest. LGPL is quite close for this.

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