USB Mass Storage

Hi all,

I'm interested into implementing support for USB Mass Storage device. I'm wondering if anybody is already working on this topic, since i've found some work in

If there's room for contribution, here's some first thoughts :

Planned Requirements/Goals :

  • USB support : existing, org.jnode.driver.usb
  • USB Mass storage support : intent of this proposal
  • JNode filesystem model integration : be able to mount/fdisk/format the mass storage device.

The following specification from seems to be relevant :


Please do

The class you mentioned is from me, but i'm not working on that. It is just a placeholder for now, so please work on it!



Great Eye-wink . Next step will be the submission for reviewal of an UML model for proposed implementation & integration into JNode. Should take a few weeks.


File system drivers?

Whats the status of the filesystem drivers? What about the IDE driver? Is the read/write supported? How reliable it is?

Well, I've only been playing

Well, I've only been playing with JNode for a few weeks & don't have precise answers for your questions, but here's a few more precisions regarding to USB mass storage support in jNode :

I entend to rely & extend the JNode USB driver by adding support
for Bulk Transport (Raw communications) & UFI Command (actual r/w spec).

I'm still investigating the FS object model to fully understand how I could integrate with existing features. From what I understand, it could be possible to rely on Ext2 FS support, which appears to be stable, to handle FS operations on the key.

However if anybody needs contribution to achieve features that are required by USB storage support, i'll be pleased to help.